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What makes us good in Kentico & Development


over 7 year of experience

Our journey with Kentico begun in year 2009 with Kentico 4. We know how to get the most from the newest Kentico 8.2 platform in terms of functionality and performance.

We save you money

As an nearshore destinations the cost of our TOP developers is very competitive compared to other ones. That’s why clients go nearshore at first place.

Masters in technology

Czech Republic has excellent universities and is particularly strong in engineering and mathematics. This provides well-trained IT specialists in technologies.

We Accelerate your delivery

Our developers speak Agile, Scrum, and Kanban. The current development is full of changes and we have learned a way how to response to them.

Integration for retail

We are specialists in integrating retail systems with Kentico and have experience with different ERP, back office systems including Navision, MS CRM, SalesForce.

Experts in eCommerce

We love eCommerce for its rewarding complexity. We have chosen Kentico, as our tool to build online business success of our customers.