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The most critical issue during website development is speed of development as customer's business is changing rapidly during each development phase. Therefore it's realy necessary to find the best way how to acquire new customers and deliver them the best solution in short time.

Instead of spending a lots of time on building new sites from the scratch, now you use the Kentico ready-to-go sites & extensions from Aspect MASTERS. Our site & extensions are fully functional, professionally designed and ready to go live in 2 days. Experience the best way of acquiring new customers by offering them to have the first verstion of their site live in 2 days.

Once the site is live and your customer is able to see it, play with it or even buy products from it thats a time when your consultancy comes in hand. By using an Agile approach you will be able to to define a backlog of changes, tweeks and new functionalities with your customer. And he will understand them as he can touch the solution you have delivered him in first 2 days. Also all solution from Aspect MASTERS is built on standard Kentico functionality so it means a very easy takeover by your development team.

How to deliver website within 2 days

  • Buy one of the Kentico ready-to-go sites from our Kentico Market
  • Download the installation package
  • Import new Kentico website in to the Kentico within 30 minutes
  • Launch a website to your customer and let him play
The big advantage of our ready-to-go sites  is detailed documentation, SEO & Speed optimization and use of standard Kentico webparts plus 6 months of free updates. In case of your full development capacity, we can also provide you outsourcing of Kentico Certified developers for a nearshore price, which can join your team remotely.

Kentico template Buy site
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